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Classical Ballet Theater
art-director Ekaterina Shalyapina

The troupe “Ballet from Russia” was founded in 1980 as choreographer and leading soloist of the Bolshoi Theater USSR

Stanislav Konstantinovich Vlasov

At present, the ballet troupe is headed by a talented ballerina and teacher

Ekaterina Shalyapina

On the photo Ekaterina Shalyapina

Experienced prima ballerina, who danced almost all the leading parts in classical ballet performances and more than once won international ballet competitions, Ekaterina Shalyapina was able to combine the creative beginning of the first-time brilliant performer of the first parts with great organizational talent of the leader and leader. Years of experience and knowledge in the field of ballet art allowed her to significantly expand the repertoire of the theater and staff the ballet troupe with professional artists and experienced teachers.

At the time of its creation at the Rosconcert Concert and Concert Association of Russia, the troupe was called the Moscow Chamber Ballet, but since 1991 the group has been renamed the “Ballet of Russia”.
Initially, the collective was conceived as popularizing Russian classical and modern domestic choreography and music.
The repertoire of the troupe over time began to acquire an academic character. The founder of the group, Stanislav Vlasov, included in the program some fragments, acts and whole ballets of the classical heritage.
In 1987, the troupe restored one of Mikhail Fokin’s ballets “Bluebeard” to the music of Jacques Offenbach. (Earlier in 1962, the ballet master had already restored the ballet “The Firebird” staged by Mikhail Fokin)

During the life of Stanislav Konstantinovich in the repertoire of the theater were such ballets as:
“Blue Beard”

Nowadays, the repertoire of the theater has expanded and includes such classical ballet performances as:
“Swan Lake”
“Sleeping Beauty”
“Don Quixote”

Over 39 years of its existence, the theater has gained fame both in Russia and abroad.